Pawan Kalyan's Teen Maar Preview


Teenmaar tells the story of love. Story of love set in two different times, in two different generations. Story of two different characters with same problem, Micheal Velayudham and Arjun Palwai.

Micheal Velayudham a chef by profession is the character that represents today. He doesn’t know what love is in true sense. He moves from one girl to another girl enjoying his life, love to him is a commitment that he can’t take.

Arjun Palwai is a Telangana student. An angry youth who as no time for love and always believes in values. But even he can’t escape the love; he is also smitten over by a girl. Now all that is important for him in his life is to get this girl he loves the most.

Teenmaar celebrates the love of this two characters and how both overcome the odds that were external once and internal now.

Come and watch how this journey of love across different time spaces unfolds this 14th of April. Let the celebrations begin.


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