Pawan Kalyan booked for next two years


Pawan Kalyan is known for his lazy attitude as far as making film goes but it looks like this notion is soon going to be dispelled. In a recent interview to a news channel his brother Nagababu has said that Pawan Kalyan has green-lighted 6 different scripts all of which are in the finishing stages and that all these films will keep busy Pawan Kalyan for more than a year. He also said that Pawan Kalyan has nothing but films and only films on his mind for the next few years. Well celebration time for Pawan Kalyan fans we guess.

These are some of the producers/productions that we have been informed off to be on Pawan Kalyans radar:

Sanghamithra Arts
Konda Krishnam Raju
Pawan Kalyan Creative Works
Anjana Productions
BVSN Prasad
Vyjayanthi Movies

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