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Pawan Kalyan To Do A Film Post The Elections?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, this name is enough for the fans to go crazy. The fans across the world used to celebrate the release day of any Pawan’s film like a festival. Especially, in the Telugu speaking states, the hungama of the fans touches sky high.

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan

In fact, Pawan has left the films unconditionally as he claims but there is a good piece of news for all the fans. Pawan who has been focusing completely on his political career has earlier took an advance from the producers of Mythri Movie Makers. These producers who have to get the dates of Pawan has been waiting since long and Pawan being busy in the preparation of elections has totally ignored this.


The producers of Mythri Movie Makers have recently met Pawan Kalyan regarding this matter and asked him that they’ll go forward with Ravi Teja for the same film and he readily agreed to it. But here comes the most exciting news. When asked about whether Pawan has returned the advance, the producers have given a mind-blowing answer. The producers have not taken the advance in return from Pawan and replied that the Mythri Movie Makers will be doing a film with Pawan once the elections get completed.

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So is Pawan Kalyan going to make his comeback after general elections? If we go by what the Mythri Movie Makers have said, it’s really a great news for all the fans of Pawan Kalyan.


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