Pawan’s Effect: Mahaa Murthy Pays The Price


Pawan Kalyan Mahaa Murthy News:

Seems whoever doubt the sincerity of Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is finally paying price. The ruckus created by Mahaa Murthy on Janasena’s party meeting ended in favour of Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan Mahaa Murthy News
Pawan Kalyan Mahaa Murthy News

The other day, the pro-TDP Channel Mahaa News’ CEO Murthy telecasted a special programme on Janasena with the title Sting operation on Janasena’s secret meeting. Within a day’s time, he received severe backlash as the happened meeting was official and even the Mahaa News received the invitation. With the humiliation, Mahaa News saw a huge drop in the TRPs and bagged criticism. Since then, the Primetime with Murthy has been called off and it was replaced by some entertainment programme. It was heavily speculated that the Management of Mahaa news sacked the CEO Murthy for his baseless programme which ended in vain. The sources from this news channel responded to these rumours and declared that they didn’t send off their CEO but granted him a leave for a couple of days.


Inside circles revealed that the holiday is indeed a strict order from the management to the Murthy to go far from the city for two days. Primetime with Murthy may get commenced from today but he has to face the humiliation for his senseless programme on Janasena. Once again, those haters of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena are only helping the party to fetch more good name and sympathy among the voters.


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