Pawan Fans Continued Their Attack On Mahaa Murthy


Pawan Kalyan Fans Attacked Mahaa News Murthy:

The Janasena party emerged as victorious in its recent fight with a Telugu media regarding its sincerity. The party once again proved its mettle by coming out clean amidst the new controversy done by a pro-TDP Channel recently.

Pawan Kalyan Fans Attacked Mahaa News Murthy
Pawan Kalyan Fans Attacked Mahaa News Murthy

It is a known thing that the TDP favouring Mahaa news lead by the pro TDP CEO Murthy tried his best to portray Janasena’s meet as a sting operation and faced heat from everyone. The result was his exile for two days and the Channel head Sujana Chowdary gave a serious warning to the CEO according to the reports. But this time, even the fans of Pawan Kalyan are not in a mood to leave Murthy for his continuous trails to defame Pawan Kalyan. This so-called self-proclaimed Prime Time organizer in the past irked Pawan fans by encouraging worthless people like Kathi Mahesh, Sri Reddy and a few others who are against Pawan Kalyan.


Most of Pawan fans are trolling Mahaa news and Murthy as the true Bajan Batch of TDP and alleged them of taking lump sum amounts from the Yellow party to demean Pawan Kalyan and Janasena. Janasena followers declare that none can touch the integrity and sincerity of the party and its Chief Pawan Kalyan no matter how much they try. In all these matters, Pawan Kalyan’s silence is killing his antis like anything. He knows when to respond and where to respond.


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