Bunny’s WhatsApp Text Changed The Fate Of Paperboy


Movie Industry is a place of uncertainties according to the senior most makers of the Tollywood. Anything can happen anytime such that high buzzing flicks flop and silent arrivals achieve blockbuster status. Along with the hard work, luck is needed to sustain in the Film Industry. Paperboy once again proves this theory.

Paper Boy Ratings Talk
Paper Boy Ratings Talk


Except for the name Sampath Nandi who is the producer, Paperboy has got no buzz among the movie lovers. The moment the star producer Allu Aravind took up the responsibility of releasing it, Paperboy floated in the headlines of many leading websites. Guess what made Allu Aravind release this movie?


It is none other than his son, Bunny. Being a hardcore lover of “World Cinema”, Allu Arjun keenly observes all the trends going on across many movie industries. Whenever he likes something, this star hero immediately sends the link to his producer father to share the excitement. In the same manner, Bunny saw the Paperboy trailer and sent the theatrical trailer to his father. This owner of Geetha Arts immediately asked the makers to arrange a special screening and okayed to join hands with the movie’s team for its wide release.

The other day, Geetha Arts known for their extensive promotions had organized the pre-release function of Paperboy. Allu Aravind revealed this hidden story of how his son’s message made him associate with this movie. The producer of Paperboy, Sampath shared his inner feelings by saying that he believed Paperboy as an ordinary script, but it became extraordinary with the new association of Geetha Arts. The team is hoping to repeat the magic of Geetha Govindam for their release as well. 

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