Off Apple, Oranges and Mangoes


Once upon a time there was apple. Everyone loved it and appreciated it and never thought they could like anything else as they liked it. Then came orange and orange just blew everyone away with the number of oranges it was able to generate and its quality. People though that was it and nothing in the world could come close to the combined class of apple and orange. But then came mango. This mango took the nation by storm. People were stunned and went crazy about this mango. It was mango everywhere. People loved shared and exported mango everywhere.

All was going well until the taste of mango was started to be reproduced through different people. It didn’t happen before with apple and orange. They had the uniqueness which still is preserved. But with mango there were many other similar mangoes produced which gave similar taste. While those who tasted the original mangoes stuck to it others started to look for alternatives.

Now the original mango sensed all this and started to change him into something new. Soon he transformed into an altogether new identity strawberry. This change however didn’t go down well with the lovers of his mango avatar. They couldn’t let go off his mango taste and adjust to the new strawberry taste. While those who lapped it up continued to enjoy it further. But now are faced with lot of questions asked about their taste. They being new are out numbered compared to the mango avatar lovers. In spite of all the success and fame strawberry is getting worldwide for its taste mango lovers still want the strawberry to change himself and return back to mango avatar.

We at cinecorn belong to a different group who enjoy both the mango and strawberry alternatively and do not crib on those who love the strawberry.We ideally would wish to see more people belong to our group who would enjoy both. But that doesn’t seem to be the case as of today. So we wish to see strawberry get greater success worldwide in coming years and get more and more followers who could eventually outnumber the mango followers for we have so many mango clones in the market. More power to strawberry followers this new year and on his birthday.

( Its AR Rahman’s Birthday Today! )


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