Nitin Next Different Film


Actor Nitin is being cautions this time around. The actor who has got a new lease of life with his film Ishq at the box office doesn’t want to tread a wrong path again. That’s why the actor is choosing his projects carefully and putting all his efforts on the subject rather than the director at helm.

The actor has agreed to star in new film that would be produce by Gautam Menon. A new director Prem Sai would direct the film. According to Nitin the film would be ‘different’ than the routine stuff. nithin-new-movie-gautham-menon-prem-sai-movie-details-pics-photos

Well we wish him all the best but he must remember that in the past too he did films that were ‘different’ with in the commercial Telugu cinema format but they didn’t click at the box office. Well we hope he is lucky this time around.

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