Nikhil’s #KirrakParty Movie Review


What’s good: Nikhil, Two Songs, Few Comedy Scenes

What’s bad: Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction

Popcorn break: Anytime You Want

Watch or not: Only if you have too much money to waste

Trade Talk: The openings are good all over. The weekend is sure to be alright, but the real test would begin from Tuesday.


Sharan Koppisetty turns director with Kirrak Party, a remake of blockbuster Kannada movie of the same name. It is a simple film that contains enough moments to engage a college-going audience or youth in general. Only, it needed an engaging narrative, and that’s where the flick falters.

The screenplay, although packed with moments that is relatable and have high connected value with the targeted audience, is riddled with inconsistency and jumpiness. It alters between comedy and serious drama with neither having any punch in writing.

There is a love story, and also a tale of friendship progressing simultaneously, but it all doesn’t come across in a way to create the desired impact that the director intended. The emotional connect is entirely missing. When Krishna (Nikhil) visits the parents of Meera ( ) in the second half or when the climax occurs with Dum Dare reprise playing around, there is no feeling at all.

Kirrak Party lacks the magic moments that stay with us at the end of the show. They are so essential for the movie to work as without them Kirrak Party ends up just another routine college based film. The three crucial departments, writing, screenplay, and direction, let the movie down. Overall, making it a decent watch.

The Final conclusion: it is not Kirrak Party, it is Dejavu Party.

Rating: 2.75/5

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