Nayantara’s #Kartavyam Movie Review


What’s good: Nayanthara, Subject, Screenplay, Direction

What’s bad: Depressing at times (not a negative though), Too many Issues At The Same Time

Popcorn break: Only During Popcorn Break

Watch or not: Watch It

Trade Talk: The openings are weak, and a lot depends on word of mouth.


Karthvyam is based on a real-life incident that happened a long ago. It became a talk of the nation back then. Director Gopi Nainar packs in a gripping narrative with solid drama based on that incident.

The movie works are two levels. First is the basic story of that is based on the real event and what happened in the end. The real deal is what happens around the incident from a system perspective. How the officials go about their work and their thought process while handling the event. The scenes leading to the incident and during the rescue mission around the people involved in retrieving the kid are the most engaging. The rest seem to be fitted so that much more message can be put across. Not that they are bad or not necessary, but they just add to the sad mood.

The portrayal of the system with media circus thrown in is shown well. There is nothing in common but one can’ help but put it in the bracket of films like Ace In The Hole and Peepli Live. It sticks to what it wants to convey and ends when its resolved. The track involving discussion about democracy and power struggle could have been fine-tuned or better integrated.

Overall, Karthvyam for the gripping narrative it offers and also giving a break from the usual staple of films we see makes it a must watch once kind of movie.

The Final conclusion: A strong socially relevant drama that needs to be seen.

Rating: 3.25/5

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