Natural Star Changes His Mind About The ‘96’ Remake


Nani 96 Remake: Nani Changes His Mind About “96” Remake:

Movie field is a place of uncertainty where many projects which speculate to be made would go off for many reasons. The recent example is Natural Star Nani’s especially interested ‘96’ remake.

Nani 96 Remake
Nani 96 Remake

The flick 96 shook the Tamil film industry with its sensible love story and the leads Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha did a stellar performance. Nani who happened to watch this movie’s premiere became the first person to praise this flick. His love on this flick went to a new height such that he approached the tasteful producer Dil Raju to buy the remake rights and make this flick with Nani as the male lead. After holding discussions with Raju, Nani is now in second thoughts about the flick.


Sources claim that DIl Raju who is reluctant to produce this movie in the first place asked Nani to find another co-producer as he is not willing to risk a failure love story. So Nani might drop his plans of remaking 96 in Telugu for now.


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