Naga Chaitanya After Remakes


Naga Chaitanya who fondly called by the fans as Nava Yuva Samrat made his debut in the year 2009 with Josh. The film had a great pre-release hype and had a big producer like Dil Raju backing it. The film bombed. Following the bomb the actor delivered two back to back successes in Ye Maya Chesave and 100% Love.

And this is where the problem lies for the star and his fans despite having success. The problem here is craving of the fans to see their star dominate the proceedings and be the real hero for the success and not be dominated and be the hero with a success. This hunger, lead to duds such as Dhada and Bezawada where clearly the actor looked completely out of sorts trying to do something that he is not comfortable with.

Post those debacles Naga Chaitanya is now having a re-look at his further course and it seems that the think tank behind the actor have decided to go the remake way for success in the dominant way. The result is that Naga Chaitanya has now agreed to be part of not one or two but four remakes in the coming years.

Here are the remakes in which Naga Chaitanya would be seen in future.

This is a remake of Tamil Film Vettai starring Arya and Madhavan.

Welcome Remake
This is a remake of Hindi film Welcome starring Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor.

Hello Brother Remake
This is a remake of his father’s popular mass comedy entertainer.

This is a remake of a Kannada film of the same name.

What do you thing? would these remakes change the fate of Naga Chaitanya and make him the real star his fans have been waiting for?

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