MM Keeravani's Classification Of Singers


Wanna know how many types of singer are their. Well, here is how music director MM Keeravani classifies them.

1.amarulu- filled with life in the voice before and even after death. Ex Ghantasaala garu
2.narulu-(entire human race) anybody can sing at least one song( thanks to auto tune )
3.sanyaasulu- good for background songs, rarely fit for love songs- ex Mmk
4.vanya praanulu- blessed with rare timber, with extreme pitch bass and high… And so on
5.gumpulo Govindulu(chorus) – will become individual Govinda one day
6.ganitha shasthragyulu- eminent classical singers
7.pumbhaava saraswathulu- Who reached beyond human levels- ex Mangalampalli garu
8.amrutha kalashaalu – filled with honey and milk- ex Nusrat Fate Ali Khan
9.shramaika jeevulu- who sing to relax and forget the strain in the physical labour
10.gandharvulu- one and only- SPB garu

Which category of singers do you fit into ?

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