MLA Movie Review


What’s Good: Few Comedy Scenes, Short Duration

What’s Bad: Routine Everything

Popcorn Break: Anytime You Want

Watch or Not: Not

Trade Talk: The film has got decent openings and reports coming in suggest a decent at best outing for smaller centres.


Commercial movies are the bread and butter of any film industry to thrive in any part of the world. Each industry has its commercial clichés and the directors, new or old, follow them diligently. MLA is a typical Telugu cinema clichéd cinema.

The hero is a good-hearted guy who can’t do anything wrong and only appear weak momentarily during the pre-climax. He woos the heroine who seems irritated initially just to be later revealed that she actually liked all the harassment. She also has a problem which instantly is transferred to the hero. The hero solves it with his wit mostly and flexes muscles only when he becomes bored of his wit which is before the song or the climax.

So we have everything and more in MLA. Nothing wrong with that, only it doesn’t look fresh. It comes across as jaded and dull. One gets tired by the end of the show by merely looking at the unravelling of the movie on big screen with nothing remotely fresh or exciting. It is the reason why even at two hours of short length, it feels like an eternity watching the movie inside the cinemas.

The Final Conclusion: With no fresh comedy or gripping screenplay, MLA’ term is likely to be short-lived.

Rating: 2.25/5

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