Mirapakai Comedy Works Well


Director Harish Shankar can heave a sigh of relief. His second outing has hits the bulls eye this Sankranthi. Mainly his dialogues have come in for great appreciation. Many of those one liners and spoofs used have brought the house down.

For example:

The ‘arya’ spoof involving Brahmaji, who says ‘Maryadaga Feel My Love..’

The usage of ‘Nachindi Girlfriendu’ song from Abhilasha

Ravi Teja’s funny retorts against Kota Srinivas Rao.

When the villain gang comes with the intention of killing Ravi Teja and end up taking change for 100 Rupees.

Ali’s “AL Pacino” act

All the class room scenes

Not just the comedy one liners, punch dialogues too have come in for appreciation like the one where Ravi Teja says ‘neeku noru okkate doolemo, naku nara naralo .. ollantha doole’.

Post Mirapakai, he is now a hot ‘mirapakai’ among the trade and producers.

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