Mega Fans In Dilemma -1


Mega Fans are pinning all their hopes for sustenance of domination in future (co-shared by Ram Charan) from their camp on the upcoming debutant from Mega family Varun Tej, son of Nagababu. As a result all the details of his debut movie like director, producer, co-star etc are keenly followed.

When it was first announced that Puri Jagannadh would be directing the debut movie there was a divided opinion among the fans with most not being in favor given the director’s recent track record. So when the director announced Heart Attack, they felt happy that he is no longer attached to the project.

But their happiness seems to have short lived as Krish has been selected as the director in his place for the debut, a director who hasn’t yet made a commercially successful movie involving big names/stakes. Can Krish deliver, is the obvious question and many seems to be apprehensive on that aspect. Well only time will tell if their apprehensions are right or wrong but a film in the combination of Varun Tej and Krish is going to be on sets from coming month. C Ashwini Dutt produces the movie.


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