Lover Movie Review


Talented hero RajTarun trying very hard to get into success track. In recent times all his movies were disappointing the audience . Though Kumari 21F was a hit it didn’t beacame an useful film for RajTarun as it came from Sukumar Writings and the credit received by Sulumar and Hebba Patel. After couple of films flopped at box office he did his first movie in Dil Raju production with Harshith Reddy as the producer. So let’s see he gave a full stop for his continous flops.

Raj(RajTarun) a customs bike mechanic is a orphan and was taken care by Jaggu(Rajeev Kanakala). Jaggu works under subbaraju and does settlement issues. Once Raj decides to go to Bangkok to work there but due to an accident he lands in an hospital where he meets Charitha(RiddhiKumar) and fall in love with her. As usual there should be a danger for the heroine and how he saves her and achieves his love is the routine mainstream plot.

Artist’s Performance:
Raj Tarun though did a decent performance it was very routine enough. He didn’t do anything new with his acting. The only thing he did new is delivering dialogues in Anantapur accent even that it didn’t suit him.
Heroine Riddhi Kumar debuted with this movie. There is some stuff in her but at some points she look pale and confused. She may get improved with the coming movies. Rajeev Kanakala did an elderly brother role of Rajtarun. He also takes some attention in the movie with his serious attituted. Though there are many comedian artists in the friends role none of them took attention except in few scenes that too only with Sathyam Rajesh. The other senior artist Sachin Khedekar was only confined to wheel chair with couple of dialogues throughout the movie. Rest of the actors Praveen, Ajay, Rohini did their roles within their limits.

Technical Departments.

Firstly we have to appreciate the cinematographer Sameer Reddy. He once again proved his mark with his vibrant visuals on screen. Mainly he showcased the locations of Kerala beautifully. He really takes a bow with his colorful framings. Also art Direction AS Prakash shares equal credit with DOP.
Coming to music seven music directors worked for this movie. Three songs were good and one of them Naalo Chilipi Kala was an instant chartbuster. Background music by JB(JeevanBabu) is just okay.
Editing by Prawin Pudi is good. At some points there are lengthy sequences which tests the patience of audience but he couldn’t do anything because the writing and directing is done by one person.
Production values of Sri Venkateshwara Creations are too good as usual. When coming to direction and script selection it seemed that director Annish Krishna was planned to play a safe game by making this movie. There is nothing new in writing and screenplay. Also the dialogues are too dramatic that we have re think are we watching a movie of 2018 or 1990’s. He literally failed in doing his job perfectly.

1.RajTarun’s performance.(Though he didn’t try anything new he lived in his character).

1. Story
2. direction.
3. Comedy scenes.

Rating: 2/5

An un-expected brake for Dil Raju’s success streak.

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