Legend Premier Shows Report



The first biggie of the summer is finally here. Nandamuri Balakrishna reunites with his Simha director Boyapati Sreenu to deliver yet another masala potboiler. The preview shows of the film has been completed, here is a report from one of our sources.

Legend offers more scope for Nandamuri Balakrishna to play to the galleries in his quintessential style for starter’s. The films story is simple and easily predictable one as expected but Balakrishna and the racy screenplay for most part take care of it. Boyapati Sreenu sets up the whole narrative elevating the hero with all the right punches that should make fans happy but for general audience that may not be the case. Comedy is there but it’s alright type.

Among the two halves first half is clearly the better one. Second half fails to carry the momentum throughout as it loses tempo towards the last half of the film with a weak climax. Overall it’s a fairly satisfying watch for the fans for sure.  It’s the kind of film which the star would have made massive success in his prime but can he do now is the basic question. The extent to which he can pull the general audience in will define the range of success the film will get.


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