Leaked Pic: What’s Brewing Between Varun & Poorna?




Working relationships spilling on to personal lives is a pretty common sight in any industry. Initially they remain reluctant but soon things come out in open. Has this phenomenon found new victim from Tollywood, again? It seems so going by the way the pair of Varun Sandesh and Poorna are behaving recently.

Some exclusive pictures have surfaced on the internet where the couple are seen bonding with each and taking selfies. They seems to enjoying the company together. Is this chemistry a reflection of their work in the film Nuvvala Nenila, it might be so, if one goes by the promos of the film. Not only that, sources from the unit say the couple have some smoking hot sequences in the film which involves passionate kissing as well. Has all that professional work spilled onto real life? We can only guess at this point but if these pictures are anything to go by, it sure as hell looks like the two have some chemistry going on between them. If that is the case expect some firecrackers to happen in cinema too between these two young artists.

Nuvvala Nenila directed by Trinadh Rao Nakkina is a tale of modern day relationship in urban cities. The film take a close look and provides insight into what is happening with the young minds in their relationships. The film hits the screens all over on August 8.

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