Lamba Theatre Is Now Tivoli Extreme – Review


Tivoli Extreme is the new theater in town. Folks in the twin cities might very well known of theater called Lamba. Well Tivoli Extreme is Lamba redesigned and upgraded to the latest necessities.

Let’s have a look the theater and how it fares compared to some of the best we have in the city. For starters the theater offers a multiplex ambience for the price of a single screen. With a red color theme and electronic box office booking counter one gets the ambience of multiplex as soon as one enters in the theater complex.

The sound system is perfect with crystal clear quality although it needs to be upped a bit when playing the movie. The screen is big and can be viewed its entirety from the bottom row to the top without any inconvenience.

A problem that’s generally seen with single screens is not enough space for free movement that creates a sense of being congested. That’s not the case here with enough space for free leg moments and for moving in and out.


And when it’s all done there is smooth exit. Even the parking space is big which again reduces the inconvenience one can have when leaving the cinemas.

Overall this one passes the tests comfortably that makes for a happy viewing at the cinemas. As we have said earlier its multiplex cinema for the price of single screen.

Show Timings:
11:30 AM
02:30 PM
06:00 PM
09:00 PM

Check out the photos of Tivoli Extreme Theater.


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