RGV vs Krish: Clash Of Two Creative Directors Inevitable


Lakshmi’s NTR And NTR Mahanayakudu Release Dates:

It’s going to be a thrilling fight at the box office in the name of NTR biopic for the coming January.

Lakshmi's NTR
Lakshmi’s NTR

RGV is the name which needs no introduction in the field of cinema. Touted to be an epicenter of controversy all the time, he has an immense fan following for his brilliance in the filmmaking and his outspoken attitude. This creative maker’s most anticipated and controversial flick Lakshmi’s NTR is going to hit the screens on January 24th. On the other side, the critically acclaimed director Krish is going to release the second part of his most awaited NTR’s biopic Mahanayakudu on the same date.


Though Krish has a very good image in showcasing the content of the film in the most realistic and engaging way, its RGV on the other hand who is touted to be the best when it comes in showcasing this type of content. Might be the series of Rakhtha Charitra or the incidents that led to the Killing of Veerappan or 24/7 Mumbai attacks, its RGV’s technical and creative brilliance that made the films spectacular to watch.


RGV who is going to showcase NTR in the perspective of his wife Lakshmi Parvathi is going to showcase the bitter truth of the real incidents happened in the life of legendary person NTR. Krish is going to showcase NTR’s evolution as Mahanayakudu. Both the films are having huge expectations in the audience. Whatever it might be its going to be a thrilling fight at the box office on January 24, 2019.


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