“Krishnarjuna Yuddam” Movie Review


What’s Good: Nani as Krishna, Few Comedy Scenes, Dari Choodu and I Wanna Fly songs.

What’s Bad: Weak and Predictable story, Nothing else besides Nani, Second Half

Popcorn Break: Entire Second Half

Watch It Or Not: No

Trade: The openings are decent across the board. However, they are likely to be nowhere near Middle Class Abbayi. The mixed word of mouth suggests a curtailed run ahead.


Another week and we have another love story. This one is even old and predictable that the one that we saw last week. But the beauty of love stories is that the same stories can be repeated any number of times, and it works if there is chemistry between the lead pair. Director Merlapaka Gandhi succeeds partially in that aspect.

The entire track of Krishna in the first half is as predictable as it comes within the terrain but works like a charm due to the setting and performance of Nani. His body language, dialect and the comic timing make the whole “predictable” love story easily enjoyable. The ‘by-now-routine’ Ilayaraja songs usage works well here.

The same, however, can’t be said about the Arjun love story. It starts on a wrong note. The introduction scenes of Arjun making out with a bride to be and the following exchange with the bride’s fiancée are as amateurish as they come. No matter how hard Nani tries, the attitude is missing. Once again, the Arjun’s love story becomes interesting when he sheds the forced “attitude” and becomes his usual MCA self. Few scenes with Brahmaji, his assistant are rip-roaring hilarious.

The problem, if it didn’t become evident from the beginning itself, starts from the interval. There is a zero interest or engagement with the story. The second half takes a U-turn in the narrative to a thriller and what we get is a flat out boring and predictable sequence of things that are guffaw-inducing. The film ends with a whimper of a climax making the whole second half forgetful.

Few songs by Hiphop Tamizha are good. I Wanna Fly stands out among them, musically and also picturization wise. The background score is loud and repetitive. The cinematography is good. The editing is weak, especially in the second half. The writing is superb in the first half.

The Final conclusion: If only there were no second half, Krishnarjuna Yudham would have been an average fare.

Rating: 2.5/5

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