What!! A No Interference Contract For Controversial Heroine


Kangana Ranaut Latest Update:

Yes, that is right the director of the upcoming film of the controversial actress has reportedly gone to the extent of getting a contract in place for the heroine to not meddle in her work.

Kangana Ranaut Latest Update
Kangana Ranaut Latest Update

The director is Ashwini Ayer Tiwari and the no prizes for guessing the controversial actress; it is Kangana Ranaut. The film is the newly announced family drama Panga where Kangana will reportedly play a wrestler.


Kangana Ranaut has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reason for some time.  She continuously gets accused of stealing the credits from the director. The latest one being the Telugu filmmaker Krish whose efforts were taken over by the actress. Keeping these happenings in mind, Ashwini Ayer has prepared the contract. Well, we can’t find fault with her, can we? 


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