Kalyan Ram's OM 3D Movie SWOT Analysis


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram the silent and non controversial man from the Nandamuri family returns to big screen after a long gap of nearly three years. Once again he trusts his instincts and is coming up with a film that rests on the strength of the story and its narration. While it has worked a couple of times in the past it has also back fired similar number of times. So how is it going to pan out for Om 3D, lets check out its strength and weaknesses.


The film is being produced by Kalyan Ram himself who is known to have good judgment of scripts for his own production. Strong story therefore is expected to be the biggest strength of the movie for its run.

3D technology if used well could prove to be a great additional factor for increase in numbers for the film.

The promotions leading prior to the release of the film have been good and have generated enough curiosity on the movie to open well.

Presence of glamorous heroines too could be a plus for the film among the masses.


Kalyan Ram isn’t a box office force and Om 3D is his biggest budgeted film so far. There is an enormous pressure to deliver and in order to achieve that the movie is being hyped which could prove to be a negative in the hindsight.

Music of the film despite being good hasn’t clicked with the audience.

While presence of glamorous heroines is plus in a sentiment driven like ours they aren’t exactly the kinds who would generate excitement, especially pre release of the film. Also one of the heroines hasn’t had a success in a biggie so far anywhere.



Kalyan Ram hasn’t had a success in years. This could be his chance to get one.

Also there are no big real biggies releasing in the coming week. Two weeks window in the current massive release system is a good enough gap to get good numbers and score at the box office if the word of mouth on the film is good.


Although there are no biggies releasing in the immediate week there are already three films running in cinemas currently that have the mandate of the audience in various levels. What this means is that the audience isn’t exactly dying to watch a film, so the movie has to be really good to pull them to the theaters.


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