Jr NTR's Ramayya Vastavayya Movie SWOT Analysis



Director Harish Shankar has been long waiting to do a film with Young Tiger NTR. As the director himself has stated on previous occasions it was Jr NTR who stood by him post Shock and promised to do a film in time. Finally after Gabbar Singh, things materialized for this combination and here we have Ramayya Vastavayya. Keeping aside the director’s strength of utilizing his star’s strength’s to hilt here we look at the overall strengths and weakness of the film in their combination.


Ramayya Vastavayya’s biggest strength lies in its names. Harish Shankar the director post Gabbar Singh, Samantha-heroine on super hit success streak, Shruti Haasan-the latest golden leg and last but not the least producer Dil Raju. So many big names working for the film has created tremendous hype on it.

Director Harish Shankar’s making style which involves exploiting the hero’s abilities to the hilt. What this means is guaranteed fans satisfaction, whatever may be the final result of the film.

Presentation of Jr NTR according to sources could be the film’s biggest strength if it works out as planned. There is a mixture of freshness (youthful avatar) with typical heroism (ala Dhammu style which fans love to the core-not to be confused with love for movie) that one expects from the star, in right proportions.

Picturization of songs are said to be another highlight. Off late fans of the star have been disappointed with dances and picturization of songs featuring their favorite star but here things seems to have been taken care off.


While the freshness of actor may be positive, the basic story once again lacks freshness. This lack of freshness could have effect in the overall run of the film which might not be felt initially.

As always, too much of hype could work to the disadvantage of the film. In case of Ramayya Vastavayya it has been director Harish Shankar who has hyped it like anything. Whether its confidence or over confidence or something else all together, like a promotional gimmick, would be known once the film hits the screen in a day’s time.


Young Tiger NTR has been working with best of combinations but yet that big hit is eluding him. This could be his chance to score one.

Samantha continues her dream run and amasses a cumulative share that none of her co-actress could ever imagine in recent past.

Shruti Haasan continues here little success journey started by Gabbar Singh.

Director Harish Shankar officially joins the big league of director’s in Telugu cinema if he hasn’t been already.


Current political situation in the state are a big threat to any film. Add to them so many external factors that are working against them.

The Dussera holidays are fine for grand opening but things after the holidays would not be that rosy. While in general it tends to be dry season post the festival, the current situation only heightens its impact.

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