Dhammu Gets 'A' Rating


The much awaited movie of the season Dhammu starring Young Tiger NTR has completed its censor much in advance of the release date. The film has been given an A rating by the board because of the violence and no cuts have been given. Although an option was given to go with cuts and have a U/A rating the makers went ahead with A rating as the cuts suggested were too many although of small durations. As many as 9 cuts were believed to be suggested and the makers felt that that many cuts could hamper the flow and they went ahead with A rating.


Dhammu is all set to have a grand release worldwide on April 27. There would be no delays and premieres too are being planned in the locations it’s going to be screened abroad according to sources. So, all you Young Tiger NTR fans out there, the celebration time is pretty near.


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