Jagapathi Babu v/s Sai Kumar – Can They Fill Srihari’s Vacuum?


With the sudden demise of actor Srihari a deep void has been felt among Telugu films. Srihari was ruling the roost as the unanimous choice for character actor roles as he could fit in both the comic as well as serious emotional roles with ease. Now that he has gone, Telugu film industry is looking seriously for alternatives and two names seems to have become a common feature among the probable lists presented. They are off Jagapathi Babu and Sai Kumar.

Jagapathi Babu and Sai Kumar have been in the industry for a long time and have done so many films. So they are definitely not short of experience but then they were never really considered for the parts Srihari was taken for. The reason could be the lack of acceptance of these actors universally. Another aspect is the versatility, as we have mentioned earlier Srihari could be fit in any mould which could be difficult to manage with both Sai Kumar and Jagapathi Babu. For examples both lack in the comedy timing compared to Srihari.

However now all that is a thing of past and industry has to move on and move they did. Jagapathi Babu has been cast as main villain in a couple of upcoming film like Legend and Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham, on the other hand Sai Kumar will be seen playing important role in Aagadu. Among these three films two were written keeping Srihari in mind, can these actors fit into his shoes and create a similar response. The first look of Jagapathi Babu revealed today for his films has surely created an impact will it turn into numbers at the ticket counter and will they be accepted, only time will tell. But what do you think do you think they can replace Srihari in the time to come.

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