Its AD V/S RV: The Drama With Dates Continue


Telugu film industry and the people of Andhra Pradesh have been plagued with lots of drama off late. While it’s the political drama that is taking the toll on the common man, the release dates of biggies are making the film enthusiasts frustrated on the other hand.

The latest in the release dates saga is the announcement of release dates of two biggies Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daredi and Young Tiger NTR’s Ramayya Vastavayya back to back yesterday. According to makers the films are expected to hit the screens on October 9 and October 10 respectively. Just a few days ago there were no clear dates from the makers on those film’s and in no time both have decided to clash. Is this really going to happen or is there something else going behind all this, has got all the cinema lovers confused. Why this clash all of a sudden when all these days they had open days to release, especially when the agitations haven’t yet stopped, is the question on everyone’s mind.

All we can say currently is that nothing is confirmed until the shows start at a theater near you, until then these games of release dates would continue.



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