Vishal Responded On Mahesh’s Trolling In Style


Hero Vishal Responded On Mahesh’s Trolling In Style:

It is a known thing that a stand up Tamil comedian Manoj has insulted and trolled Superstar Mahesh Babu in a comedy programme. Post the huge agitation of his fans and involvement of MAA, some celebrities in Tamil Film Industry are expressing their opinions on this issue.

Hero Vishal
Hero Vishal

None other than the Nadigar Sangam President and hero Vishal responded to this issue. He said that no one needs to feel bad as Mahesh Babu is the most established actor in South India and all the Telugu people love him. This dark horse felt that he has no need to show any proof of his acting skills to anyone as Mahesh is already a proven star in both the Telugu States. Vishal ended his opinion by declaring that he loves Mahesh Babu and he doesn’t even know who Manoj was until this issue surfaced.


Everything is ok to post the apology of Manoj himself but a huge section of Netizens and Mahesh fans are pointing at the silence of Tollywood and Kollywood biggies’ silence.


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