Happy Wedding Movie Review


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Mega daughter Niharika Konidela proved herself as host and as an actor through web series and a couple of movies. But a right subject that needs to elevate her acting capabilities to a new level is required now. The same situation is with Sumanth Ashwin as well. Today Sumanth Ashwin and Niharika starrer Happy Wedding released and let’s see how this movie gonna play a role in changing their fortunes.

Plot: Anand(Sumanth) and Akshara(Niharika) fell in love in a journey from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. They decided to get married and their families also accepted their proposal. After their engagement a small dispute arises between Anand and Akshara and how they get patched up, in the end, is the story.

Artist’s Performances:

Sumanth Ashwin, as usual, did nothing special with his performance but looked fresh and active on screen.But at some places he looked artificial too.

Niharika Konidela again mesmerizes everyone with her acting. She got very tough role for her experience but she pulled it off perfectly.

Other artists Murli Sharma and Naresh did their jobs as the fathers of the heroine and hero. Tulsi, Pavitra Lokesh, Annapurnamma, Madhumani also did a decent job. At Some places Annapurnamma shines with her witty dialogues.

Technical Departments:

After Fidaa Shaktikanth Karthick didn’t do good music at all. We don’t know whose fault it is whether the director’s or himself but he doesn’t come close to the music of Fidaa. Same with Happy Wedding too. One song is good and the rest are average. Background music by Thaman is okay. Photography by Bal Reddy is nice. Editing could have been better.

Director Lakshman Karya took a very narrow subject which is very predictable and routine too. The new age directors are trying to make feel good movies but they are lacking the emotions in it. Not even a single emotional scene is touching. Some dialogues are good but they are gone unnoticed.


1. Lead actors performances(Mainly Niharika).
3.some scenes in 1st half.


2.2nd Half which is quite predictable.
3.It looked odd to use Vijayawada and Hyderabad cities everytime to represent characters.

Verdict: Only for Niharika to feel her confusing character.

Rating 2.25/5

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