Happy Birthday Megastar Chiranjeevi


Chiranjeevi is a name familiar with almost all people who know at least a little about South Indian Film Industry. He is one of the finest actors of Telugu film industry with an extraordinary screen presence and versatility when it comes to dance, comedy, sentiment or action.


He is one of the few actors who started their career from zero and remained in highest position for decades which is rare and difficult to achieve in present times. There is nothing new to say regarding his success story as almost everyone knew it but he is a living example to show that if u work hard and love what you do then you can achieve anything and reach the level you deserve irrespective to from where you started.


Cinecorn is taking this moment for wishing a very happy birthday to one of the best actors form Telugu Film Industry. He turns 58 today.

P.S. We also wish that the constant vilification that the actor is going through since the beginning of his political stint (more so the recent turn of events) comes to an end soon and fans and well wishers of Megastar feel the joy of “Megastar” again.

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