Gopichand's Sahasam Movie SWOT Analysis


Versatile director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti returns after a gap of four years with the Friday release Sahasam. That should be enough to check out the film where he unites with his Okkadunnadu star Gopichand. But every film, irrespective of the director, comes with its own shares of strengths and weakness. Let is check out few such issues with Sahasam.


Director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti is the biggest strength of the film. He is known for his arresting screenplays for different themes and in Sahasam he has once again come up with a different themed film. He brings to Telugu audience an adventure genre flick after a long time.


Poor form of Gopichand is a big worry for Sahasam. His last release was almost two years ago and he hasn’t seen a success in a very long time. How would the audience receive him in a film like Sahasam where he plays an ATM security guard is questionable currently?

Heroine Tapsee is another weakness for the film ‘sentimentally’. She hasn’t had a solo success so far in Telugu and some of her starrers have been high profile disasters.

Producer BVSN Prasad hasn’t had a decent success with his past few released. What’s more they were colossal disappointments at the box office too.

The music despite being fine hasn’t really clicked with the audience.

Lack of promotion for the film could hurt the film’s openings.



Some number of weakness work to the advantage of a film as expectations are lowered. That way Sahasam too could benefit with it having so many weaknesses.

A success here would put everyone involved in the project on track.


Couple of films, are already running with good collections means, people are liking it aren’t hungry for a new film as they would be if there weren’t anything worthwhile movies in theaters.

As if that’s not enough we have number of films slated to release in the coming weeks that would mean no time to settle. Sahasam has to deliver or it will be perished as simple as that.


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