Frustrated Power Fans Outbreak On A Star


With no first look, no official images released from the upcoming film of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and just a month to go for the actual release of the film fans of Power Star have off late become a jittery lot. Even a small bit of information is getting them hyper and the crescendo of this was seen late night yesterday when a star, who is associated with the film (indirectly), tried to woo the fans without actually giving away anything.

Fans took to the star like ants are attracted towards sugar for any small piece of information however the actor at that moment did not oblige. It isn’t just the star fans even swarmed the heroine of the film when ever she posted something on a social networking site for information.

What’s amusing to note here is that it’s the same with almost all the films of Power Star Pawan Kalyan but with the technical advantages that we have today the outpour of the fans seems to be more visible today than it was in the past. The amusement, fans must note here is to the others, at their expense. We hope that they soon get something to cheer about from the Attarintiki Daredi camp.


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