Dum Maaro Dum – Production Notes


‘Kya Hai Kahaani Tere Paap Ki’
(To face the future, they had to redeem the past!)
Dum Maaro Dum races through the bylanes and shacks of Goa to bring you the stories of four
characters whose lives collide brutally at Goa airport.
ACP Kamath- a tough as nails cop, who has a past to redeem and is going to go no holds barred
after the mysterious drug kingpin in Goa, who rules all the drug mafia there.
Lorry- a young innocent student who will find that shortcuts in life often come with a heavy price.
DJ Joki- a Goan musician, who once lost everything dear to him and stood by silently. Now he
has to make sure history does not repeat itself.
Zoe- A free spirited Goan girl, whose innocence and beauty was marred when she let her
ambition take her down the wrong lane.

In the midst of international tourist spots, we chase these four characters as their stories
culminate in a shocking finale through a trip filled with dramatic, thrilling twists and turns.
According to screenwriter Shridhar Raghavan, ‘This film is not an expose on the drug mafia in
Goa. Frankly our story could be set anywhere – every great city, every popular tourist
destination across the world faces similar problems. As tourists pour in, there is a clash of
cultures, the old world is forced to deal with the new. The very aspects that attract people to
these places also attract elements that seek to parasitically exploit it. The greatest and most
beautiful of places develops this underbelly they are forced to deal with. But how? That’s where
the story emerges from.”
He explains, “Dum Maaro Dum is a story of four characters whose lives gets intertwined with
the drug trade in the backdrop. Goa is not the story, it’s the setting. The story is about people. A
middle class kid dealing with the temptation to shortcut, a musician fighting his own apathy, a
cop fighting external demons and the more terrifying internal ones, a woman who paid the price
for ambition. Our lyricist Jaideep superbly paraphrased the whole story in one line — “Kya hai
kahaani tere paap ki? What’s the story behind your sins?”
The film is formatted as a dramatic suspense thriller, which focuses on ACP Kamath’s character
trying to track down a mysterious drug kingpin with the help of various characters each of
whom have their own tale. Each of them has taken a wrong turn in the past. They must redeem
themselves or forever lose their soul, and finding this shadow figure might be their only hope of
The film has a non-linear structure in the first half. ‘Each of the characters are so central to the
plot, that it would have been difficult to move the plot forward without intertwining their lives
and presence in each of their stories’ says Shridhar. ‘But yes, it all converges into a classic
suspense thriller format very soon and races to a shocking finale. I just hope the audiences find
the reveal in the end as satisfying as we did’.

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