Dum Maaro Dum – Director's Overview Of The Cast


Of course Abhishek has played a cop before, but never like this. The beauty of ACP Kamath’s
character lies in his shade of grey. Laughing outside, seething inside. The film is as much his fight
against external demons as his own internal ones which are much more terrifying. ‘I think
people will really like ACP Kamath’s character’ says Rohan. ‘I had initially met Abhishek for the
role of DJ Joki, but he felt an instant connection to the character of ACP Kamath and has
delivered a fine performance. There is something so empathetic about ACP Kamath, that you
just want to be on his side.’
ACP Kamath having been cast, the next challenge was to find DJ Joki. ‘This was a very difficult
character to cast, you needed someone who looked Goan, which ruled out all the Punjabi faces
right away’ jokes Rohan. You also needed someone a little younger than Abhishek, because ACP
Kamath plays an integral role in DJ Joki’s life, almost like a mentor. From our Associate producer
Roopa De Choudury and Telugu director Prakash Kovelamudi we heard of Rana Daggubati, an
actor from Hyderabad who had completed a Telugu film called ‘Leader’. Rana has great screen
presence, a real life relaxed and happy presence, which so exemplified the Goan spirit of
Susegaad (be chilled out, take it easy). The moment we met him, the moment he smiled his
contagious smile…. we knew we had found our Joki.”
Casting Lorry was fairly easy, Prateik was always the first choice and he has essayed the
innocence Lorry needs to perfection. His was perhaps one of the hardest roles to play in the film
— a 17 year typical middle class kid fighting failure, jealousy, loss, lust, temptation, hormones,
sheer abject terror. He had a formidable brief – to balance all these elements – and he pulled it
off outstandingly. His story is the heart, the driver of the film, the trigger that sets Kamath and
Joki in motion.
Casting Zoe was again a challenge. Zoe’s character graph undergoes a complete transition in the
film, you needed someone very attractive and someone who could suffuse her character with
the depth and vulnerability that Zoe’s transition in the film needs. Bipasha came on board and
delivered one of the finest, most poignant, performances in the film. She brought a grace to
Zoe’s character that no one could envision.
Any discussion of the film would be incomplete without mentioning the crucial invaluable roles
played by Aditya Pancholi and Govind Namdev. Aditya, as the ultimate puppet master, the suave
businessman who has to precariously balance the various foreign criminal elements and keep
his calm as he takes on the ruthless Kamath, and Govind, as the veteran textbook cop who is a
guide and cynical mentor to ACP Kamath, both brought a deadly gravity to their roles as perhaps
no one else could.

Ramesh Sippy, Producer of ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ mentions that a fellow Producer from New York

had first read the script, loved it and taken it to Fox Star Studios, who in turn saw immense
potential in it. Fox Star Studios wanted to come on board as the co-producers and distributors
and have been a pleasure to work with. He believes their experience internationally and in
handling distribution of a mammoth film like ‘My Name Is Khan’ will come in handy for ‘Dum
Maaro Dum’.
‘We hope that with our potpourri of exciting elements, and very talented cast and crew, this film
will succeed in exciting audiences worldwide’, says Mr. Ramesh Sippy.
‘Ultimately this film was just so much fun to work on, because of the excellent chemistry the
cast and crew shared’. signs off Rohan

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