Director – The King of Content


There is this famous dialogue in a recent film “Content Unnodiki Cut out chalu”. But people forget where does that content comes from, well it comes from the director. Read on to know more.

It doesn’t require big stars to make audience glued to the screen and make them involved in the story all it requires is good story telling technique and director SS Rajamouli once again proved it with EEGA. In most Telugu films directors either follow a regular commercial formula or simply make a hit film clone which has dwindled the percentage of movie going audience. The percentage of getting audience to the theatre increases only when one tries something new.

With the increasing market of English, Hindi and Tamil movies in Andhra Pradesh the number of people who are accepting different or new kind of stories has increased which in turn has helped in directors trying different subjects and genres. Eega, Eerojullo don’t have big stars to attract audience, but they are few of the successful films in TFI till now.

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Most of the audiences like a film which has a tight screenplay even if it has a regular story, it all depends on the director. Now if such a capable director tries different subjects with similar conviction in screenplay without thinking of commercial elements it would be helpful in taking TFI to another level and thereby helping it in attracting larger section of audience irrespective of region and language. Here’s hoping TFI get more such breed of directors.

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