Top Five Incredible Characters Penned By Krish


The authentic director Krish is known for touching our hearts with his natural characters which appear very close to the real-life ones. His top five characters created by this directorial genius as follows:


1. Gaali Seenu:

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This is one of the most natural yet comical characters Krish created with his very first flick. In the role of a Bike thief with a soft heart is well conceived by this maker. As long as the movie Gamyam is remembered, no one would stop thinking about Allari Naresh and his role.


2. Cable Raju:

Stylish Star donned Cable Raju character has all the shades of any common city youth who aspires to make it big in life and love. Also Bunny breathed life into the character with his natural performance.


3. Saroja:

Vedam anushka 1

Amalapuram Saroja’s wamp character is one of the finest characters created by Krish which is almost close to the real life. On the flip side, Anushka got under the skin of this character and lived up to expectations.


4. Ramulu:

1435396978 vedam bagayya

The talent of Krish can be seen in the role of Ramulu, a poor man from the region of Telangana who aspires to send his grandchild to school. He brought a real-life common man for this role which appeared one hundred percent natural and convincing.


5. B.Tech Babu’s thatha:

Director Krish
Director Krish

To showcase the fact that the golden stage dramas are an extension just like handlooms, Krish came up with the character of Babu’s thatha. Each and every dialogue uttered by legendary actor Kota stuns regular audience and create awareness on Stage Dramas.


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