Controversies That Rocked The Cine World


Cinema is one of the most powerful medium of communication. It is the best mix of visual and audio communication making it the most attractive mode as well.
However certain aspects of cinema may not please all sections of the audience. Movies have their own share of controversies and struggles.
Some controversies have rocked the film industry trespassing barriers.
Let us see a few of them.
#1. Padmaavat: Earlier Padmaavati and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmaavat faced ire from Rajput clans mostly sparring Rajasthan,Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Rani Padmaavati, though a fictional figure, is regarded as a goddess equivalent in Rajputs. Karni Sena in particular called for total ban on the film and even the supreme court had to intervene. Every artist in the film has received death threats and warnings from the clan.
#2. Fanaa:Starring Aamir Khan, it was banned as the actor made controversial comments on Narmada, a major river in Gujarat and Dam which was being built.This made citizens angry and they boycotted the movie.
#3. Mersal: Like most of Tamil Star Vijay’s films, Mersal too gathered eyeballs for its controversial dialogues on GST and demonetisation. This created furore and there were protests from political groups and supporters.
#4. Jodha Akbar: For its portayal of Rajputs and JodhaBai who married Mughal emperor Akbar, this movie created sensation. It was banned in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for its potrayal of the Rajput queen.
#5. PK: An Aamir Khan film, PK raised eyebrows due to its statements on god. Certain groups felt it was hurting religious sentiments and degraded godly men in the movie. There were riots in theatres against the ban.

Apart from the above mentioned, the movie world has not been free of controversies. Films like Vishwaroopam etc have had their share as well.
What, in your opinion, are the biggest controversial films you know? Let us know.

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