Confusion Over Aagadu Censor – Details



Whenever a big film is nearer to release there is a huge curiosity over even the minute of details. So how can something as big as censor escape from the radar of curiosity mongers that the movie lovers in generally are. It all started few days ago when we first heard about the censor date of the film Aagadu. Then a new date came with even an exact timeframe and now we have another new date. So which one among these is true?

So far what we gather from our sources is that the makers are contemplating on getting the censor work finished as quickly as possible so that there are no last minute hassles with overseas release of the film. The censor work is most likely to be finished before the weekend itself, depending on the availability of slots. Only in case of any revisions or other unexpected problems, the film will go beyond the weekend without getting censored. So there you have it, nothing to worry over censor and just be prepared for the grand gala release.


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