“Chal Mohan Ranga” Movie Review


What’s Good: Nithin, Music and First Half

What’s Bad: Second Half, Predictable and Routine Story

Popcorn Break: Anytime other than comedy

Watch It Or Not: No

Trade: The openings, while better than LIE are no great shakes. Word of mouth is poor. The movie is going to suffer by the end of the weekend itself.


Love stories in Telugu cinema have become formulaic over the years, and Chal Mohan Ranga is a start to end formula based, in that regard. It sets up the ingredients right at the beginning and travels a predictable path to reach the end.

To give credit to director Krishna Chaitanya, he does well on his part to get the required elements right. The lead pair and the music which is very critical and essential for “predictable” love stories to work are perfect.

The problem is the scenes, the moments which have to make an emotional connect and stay with us, the viewers. It is the tricky part. The director falters in this aspect. Many key scenes, like the first few meeting of the lead pair as adults, aren’t executed well. The songs and the comedy that comes in between the romantic moments are what keeps the boat afloat. The first half is passable.

The second half again starts on a predictable note which is alright but loses track pretty soon. Fifteen minutes into the second half, the hero is all over Conoor, looking for the heroine and is all lost. It is not only the hero who is restless and clueless but the movie itself. After that point, everyone just goes through the motions to the expected end with comedy pumping the oxygen in between.

SS Thaman does an excellent job with the song and background score. So do the other technical team. The cinematography is excellent. The editing could have been sharper. The writing is good when its comedy, otherwise it lacks the spark in romance.

The Final conclusion: A tiresome and dull love story that doesn’t run but creeps to the predictable end.

Rating: 2.5/5

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