Special Screening: ℅ Kancharapalem Stuns Everyone


C/O Kancharapalem Special Screening Stuns Everyone.


For the last one week, the flick ℅ Kancharapalem has been creating an enormous buzz among the movie lovers. From big directors like S.S Rajamouli, Krish, etc to the leading critics, all are heaping praises on this flick which added extra hype to the flick.

C/O Kancharapalem Special Screening
C/O Kancharapalem Special Screening

Fortunately, the makers along with the presenter Rana Daggubati arranged a special screening to senior film journalists and biggies in the TFI ahead of its theatrical release. We are here to provide you with the main reason why this movie is being hailed by such stalwarts of the Industry.


Set back under a village theme of Kancharapalem, this flick falls under the category of fusion of stories like Pulp Fiction, which is common in Hollywood. The movie opens up with the introduction of each and every character and then takes us on a personal ride of all the main characters and their stories. From laughter to the sadness, the debutant director Maha Venkatesh makes us go through all the emotions.

Credits should be given to this newcomer who nailed it in his very first project with a smooth narration of parallel stories and the way he connected all the dots in logic. What’s more boggling is this new director dealt with extraordinary cases like caste system, poverty, prestige etc without any chance of controversies. Maha took this movie with more than 80 character artists and most of them hailed from rural backgrounds including the lead characters.


Had if the Bhallaladeva Rana didn’t love this flick and present it, entire Tollywood would have missed a gem of a Cinema like ℅ Kancharapalem. Rana should be congratulated for his special efforts which provided a helping hand to such talents.

Written and directed by Maha Venkatesh who is going to have a special place in the TFI in the upcoming days, this movie is bankrolled by Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri. Sweekar Agasthi scored the music and background. The makers are going to release this movie on 7th of this month with more screens than planned.


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