Brand Maruthi Takes Hitting With Brand Babu?


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Brand Babu has opened to a paltry number and near-empty houses all over. It wasn’t entirely shocking given the lead actor’s lack of presence in Telugu cinema. But what was sad was that it got such number despite Maruthi’s brand association.

In the past, similar outings like Prema Katha Chitram and Lovers had done exceedingly well for the respective cast involved. If not on those levels Brand Babu was expected to show some decent numbers at least, but that hasn’t happened.

It has led many to question has the brand of Maruthi taken a beating due to the predictable formula at the display. His last two films were disappointing even though the last one was a commercial success. We will know the answer at the end of the month when the director’ own Shailaja Reddy Alludu hits screens.

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