Fan Wars In Tollywood: Kaushal Army Targets DevaDas


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Update:

It is not uncommon in Telugu Film Industry that the anti-fans of heroes always troll their rivals. Sometimes these acts affect the movie’s run. Seems the updated information regarding a fan base is hinting another fan war at the box office.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

The Bigg Boss contestant Kaushal earned millions of fans across the two Telugu States along with NRIs. His fan base is now on par to any other star hero in Tollywood. Those who come anti to him were not spared by his Kaushal Army. Now the host of the show Nani is also targeting Kaushal as per the show and it is irking Kaushal fans. To everyone’s surprise, some section of Kaushal Army is trending the hashtag of bringing down Devdas and Nani on social networking sites. Their solo motto is to make Devdas a flop with negative reviews to have their grudge on Nani.


Movie lovers are requesting some section of fans to stop these fan wars as a reality show is entirely different from the regular Cinema. Hope Nani is aware of this and he does something to woo all section of fans for the sake of his movie and many lives associated with it.


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