SWOT Analysis: BalaKrishna's Srimanarayana


Nandamuri Balakrishna who is known to play aggressive and different characters from time to time is bala-krishna-parvathi-melton-isha-chawla-srimanarayana-recet-pictures-latest-photoscoming as a journalist in his upcoming film Srimannarayana produced by Ramesh Puppala. With the producer having a keen eye on popular entertainers and a director who has given one of the finest thrillers in the form of Samanyudu in the past, Srimannarayana promises a fairly engaging watch. Let’s see what are its other strength and weaknesses.

Much like the previous solo starrer from Nandamuri Balakrishna Adhinayakudu, Srimannarayana too has been made by a long time admirer of the actor and star Ravi Chavali. It is being said that the film is a dream project of the director and he wanted to make it with Balakrishna from a long time.

As it is a dream project the subject is said to be the highlight of the film. Balakrishna for the first time plays a journalist in the film.

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This would be the third film of Balakrishna in third consecutive month. As the past two films have failed to work at the box office it is showing clear effect on the openings of this film.

Music of the film is not in the same league as Simha which was also composed by Chakri.

As the film is having good subject this low to no hype on the film might act in its favor if the director ends up making a good film with it.

If the film gets good word of mouth the recovery might be easy as its sold for pretty less amounts all over.

The film is releasing on Thursday with almost zero buzz and hype. If it ends up getting a poor word of mouth the box office prospects of the film might be curtailed to its extended weekend itself.

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