Why Is Legend NBK Angry With Baadshah?



Director Srinu Vytlla and his penchant for spoofing has landed him in troubles many times. We remember very famously the face-off between him and actor Prakash Raj, don’t we?

It looks Prakash Raj isn’t the only one to be miffed with the director. There are other’s too who haven’t come out in open but now we know for sure Legend Bala Krishna is one among them. The actor who was recently seen at the TSR National Awards presenting the winners mementos was caught openly saying that he wouldn’t be giving award to Srinu Vytla, following it he did all he could to avoid facing him. It could be clearly assumed therefore that Balayya has problem with the director in a very serious way.

Was that because of the spoof of “Simha” in Baadshah or did the actor think, Srinu Vytla didn’t deserve to be the winner?

This kind of spoofing scenario is already making Charan fans feel the anxiety. We would like to recall here that Cherry plays a stuntman for a star played by Brahmaji in the upcoming film of the director. And we know very well what happens with a character like that.

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