Exclusive:Major Reshuffle In All Biggies Release Dates


With Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Dareedi almost confirmed to get postponed a huge reshuffle is likely in the release date of upcoming biggies. Here is what the talk is about in the industry currently on the release dates of the upcoming big films.

Atharintiki Daredi is most likely to get postponed to September 27 if the protests and agitations in Seema Andhra doesn’t come to and end soon. If a sense of calm is seen in the coming week or by thereabouts the film may still hit the screens on August 21, but it looks very much impossible now.

Yevadu as we have already reported is getting postponed for sure and is most likely to release on October 9th for Dussera holidays.

If the above two get releases in September and October respectively Jr NTR’s Ramayya Vastavayya, which was slated to come for Dussera will move to Sankranthi next year, says sources.

And we also have two other notable films like Venki’s Golmaal and Nag’s Bhai to be released during the same period which too would see some adjustments based on the releases of the above said films.

Well the bottom-line is that the political turmoil in the state going on currently have surely affected the film industry big time just like it is affecting the common man out their. Let’s hope that peace returns to the state as soon as possible.


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