Ashwinidutt Hits Jackpot


Producer Ashwinidutt who has hit a rough patch consistently over a long period of time Ram charan rana aswini dutthit the ultimate low with his last production Shakthi. Now the producer after some gap is looking at some fresh scripts and combinations to revive his banner. In the process the producer is looking at two big projects. First would be a film in the combination of Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Krish and the second would be in the combination of Mega Powerstar Ram Charan and director Srinu Vytla. However the film which would go onto sets first would be decided depending on the availability of the dates of the actor and directors in question as they are busy with many projects. Here is hoping that the uncompromising and grand filmmaker gets some success as producers of his kind are becoming a rarity these days.

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