Going Viral: ASVR Soars As Trivikram Goes Full Mass


Aravindha Sametha Trailer Review:

The theatrical trailer of Young Tiger NTR’s new film Aravindha Sametha is out, and it shows director Trivikram Srinivas in a new light altogether. The star writer-director has gone full mass with the first combination with Jr NTR, and fans aren’t complaining one bit.

Aravindha Sametha Trailer Review
Aravindha Sametha Trailer Review

One look at the trailer and the instant thought that comes in our mind is that of vengeance. It feels as if director Trivikram Srinivas is making it with a ‘vengeance’ to score at the box office. It might result in a compromise in style the director is usually known for, but he hasn’t also done a movie with Tarak before, who knows, this is what he would have made with him even before?


There is a lot to appreciate in the theatrical trailer which presents a perfect mix of various commercial elements like romance, action and drama. Romance, and heroine (Pooja Hegde) looks like weak link among them. The action is on a never before scale for a Trivikram Srinivas movies. The dialogues are alright; they are heavier than usual from the writer who never forgets to have a tinge of fun in them. There were glimpses of it in his last outing, here, the work seems to be full-fledged.


We can’t wait for the movie after this fantastic trailer. As we have mentioned previously, Aravindha Sametha will be the massiest and bloodiest movie of Trivikram Srinivas. The theatrical does indicate such an offering. Aravindha Sametha releases worldwide on October 11th


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