Allari Naresh's Action 3D SWOT Analysis


Allari Naresh returns to cinemas after what can be a termed as a long break from his usual standards. His last release was in December and now after almost 6 months the actor returns with Action 3D a comedy based on Hollywood smash The Hangover. It also marks the debut of Anil Sunkara as director who was one of the producers of Dookudu. Let us see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the film that hits the screens tomorrow.

Comedy star Allari Naresh is the film’s biggest strength as his name spells entertainment and people venture to his film at least once blindly if there is enough hype without thinking about who’s making the film.

3D technology used for the movie could work to its advantage if utilized well.

Presence of number of glamorous heroines should help the film a lot among the youth and masses.

Also cameos by Sudeep, Sunil and presence of an ensemble cast give the movie a big novelty which could work in its favor.

Numerous delays have kind off lowered the expectation on the film.

Direction by debutant Anil Sunkara doesn’t look confident if one goes by the promos on air.

It’s been long time since last Allari Naresh film hit the screens.

Also it’s been a long time since an out and out entertainer has hit the screens providing brainless entertainment.

Release of another 3D film a week from now in the form of OM would effect the 3D novelty of Action 3D which is the reason the movie has been hyped up.

Release of other biggies every other week could hamper the film’s prospects at box office if it doesn’t get the required talk.

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