Akki's Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Doobara Preview Report


The sequel to the highly popular Once Upon A Time In Mumbai starring Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan in the lead roles has completed its preview shows all over and here is an update on the film from one of our sources.

The film in one word is a disappointment. All the fears that one started to imagine post the release of trailers have come true. OUATIMD is not an all out gangster flick like its predecessor, instead it is a triangle love story set in the backdrop of Mumbai mafia. It is a completely logic less and emotionless film with the only highlight being the dialogues here and there. The second half of the film drags and cheery on top is the poor climax.

Performance wise both Akshay Kumar and Imraan Khan seem completely misfit to their roles. However at least Akshay Kumar seems to be having a ball playing the role, unfortunately the same can’t be said of Imraan who tries very hard to play likeable rouge mouthing cool one liners but all that the one can see is his hard work on screen, the kind, which evokes laughter initially and turns to pity in the end because of his never ending earnest attempt at succeeding. Sonakshi Sinha is alright.


If one has a put a finger to blame for the failure of the film then it has to be completely on director Milan Luthria and his casting choices. The film is technically slick in terms of cinematography but is poorly edited which makes the movie look a lot lengthier than it actually is. In the end, it would be suffice to say that, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Doomed.


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